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  • Liaison Officers Coordinate with County on National Guard's Flood

    The North Dakota National Guard stationed two Airmen at the Tactical Operations Center, or TOC, in West Fargo, N.D., to work as liaison officers who assist Cass County officials with organizing and utilizing National Guard resources during the 2011 flood fight.The TOC is a joint-force center where officials from different government and volunteer
  • Saving the Farm: Guard QRF Responds with Sandbags and Can-Do Spirit to Avert Repeat Flood Disaster

    Lindsey Larsen saw her parent's farmstead lost to flood waters in 1997. She saw it threatened again back-to-back in the springs of 2009 and 2010. As she watched windswept overland flooding inch closer to topping the earthen ring dike that surrounds the farm, thoughts of seeing it all washed away were back again."If we lose the farm this time, I'm
  • State, Local Leaders Visit Guard's Flood Operations

    State and local leaders in the flood fight came together on April 10 for a briefing on North Dakota National Guard operations. North Dakota Gov. Jack Dalrymple, Fargo Mayor Dennis Walaker, Cass County Commission Chairman Darrel Vanyo and North Dakota Adjutant General David Sprynczynatyk visited the North Dakota Air National Guard base in Fargo and
  • Guard Dike Patrolling New Job for Some, Old Hat for Others

    Staff Sgt. Steven Kennedy has lived in West Virginia, Georgia and Nevada, but it wasn't until he moved to North Dakota that he got to see his first flood.And it wasn't long after he arrived that he was involved in his first flood fight.Kennedy, an Airman with the North Dakota National Guard's 219th Security Forces Squadron in Minot, N.D., moved his
  • Happy Hooligans Sandbag After Shift to Help Fellow Airmen

    Members of the North Dakota Air National Guard came together April 7 on their own time to save the home of a fellow Air Guard family. Senior Master Sgt. Sandi and Master Sgt. Charlie Renville's house in Harwood, N.D., lies along the Red River. The 2011 flood marked the third consecutive year the Renville family had to sandbag to prevent damage to