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  • Military Families Gather for Winter Fun

    FARGO, N.D. -- A few more inches of snow came just in time for families of Airmen and Soldiers of the North Dakota National Guard, who gathered for a meal and winter activities at the Armed Forces Reserve Center in Fargo on Jan. 19.The Winter Holiday Party for Military Kids event, which was sponsored by American Legion Auxiliary Unit 02 and open to
  • Retiring N.D. Vietnam Veteran Among Last in Air Force

    When a North Dakota Air National Guardsman retired this weekend, it ended an era in the U.S. Air Force. Chief Master Sgt. James E. Clemenson is the last enlisted Airman to have been stationed in Vietnam to retire from the Air Force. After spending nearly 40 years as a "Happy Hooligan," Clemenson was honored at a retirement ceremony Saturday at the
  • Missions Ramp Up in Valley City as Baldhill Dam Increases Releases

    With releases from the Baldhill Dam expected to hit record levels this afternoon, folks throughout Valley City scrambled to reinforce levees that were high enough to withstand this week's crest. Now, they're facing a second crest that will become the city's historic record, topping the 2009 mark of 20.69 feet. By mid-afternoon today, the level
  • All Quiet on the Northern Flood Front -- For Now

    Despite a thick blanket of heavy wet snow and more on the way Friday, Staff Sgt. Eric J. Carlson wasn't too concerned the added precipitation would worsen the local flooding situation.Carlson, a volunteer levee patroller with the North Dakota National Guard's Charlie Battery of the 1st Battalion, 188th Air Defense Artillery Regiment, said he'd seen
  • Ghanaians Get Up-Close Look at How North Dakota Guard Handles Flooding

    The 91-degrees-and-humid African country of Ghana and the snow-still-falling-in-April state of North Dakota may, at first blush, seem to have very little in common. There's more to the partnership between the two entities than one might imagine, though."Ghana has the same kind of disasters we have in North Dakota. They have floods, drought and