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  • Ghanaians Get Up-Close Look at How North Dakota Guard Handles Flooding

    The 91-degrees-and-humid African country of Ghana and the snow-still-falling-in-April state of North Dakota may, at first blush, seem to have very little in common. There's more to the partnership between the two entities than one might imagine, though."Ghana has the same kind of disasters we have in North Dakota. They have floods, drought and
  • Guard’s Quick Response Force Protects Kindred Home

    A National Guard quick response force team responded in Kindred this afternoon to protect a home from rising water of the nearby Sheyenne River. The team of Airmen and Soldiers from the North Dakota National Guard arrived at the farmstead of Harlan Smeby shortly after getting the call for help. "The Sheriff's Department came out and they were
  • Guard Begins Quick Reaction Force Mission in Valley City

    Within one day of setting up flood duty operations, North Dakota National Guard's Task Force-West was called to respond with their Quick Reaction Force (QRF) to reinforce a small dam that had a weak spot in the levee system out along the Sheyenne River, and pack sandbags around a second levee that was leaking.Master Sgt. Scott Brewer, 231st Base
  • Guard Delivers 1,000-Pound Generator to Failing Pump Station

    The North Dakota National Guard used one of its trucks to push through knee-high deep overland flooding on Tuesday to deliver a much-needed generator to power up a failing water pump station in a rural residential subdivision near here.The pump station provides potable water for Lake Shure Estates, a residential area of about 25 homes southwest of
  • Heads of African Disaster Organization, Military to Tour ND Flood

    An eight-year-old partnership will take a new step this week as the head of a Ghana disaster organization and a Ghana military leader visit North Dakota. The North Dakota National Guard forged a relationship with the African country through the Department of Defense-sponsored State Partnership Program. One major similarity between the partners is a