The Incredible Story of the Happy Hooligans

The North Dakota Air National Guard officially became a National Guard on January 16, 1947, at Hector Airport, Fargo, North Dakota.

The newly established Air National Guard units formed in the 1947 - 1949 period were commonly assigned the history and accomplishments of a deactivated World War II flying unit.

The 367th Fighter Group, made up of the 392nd Fighter Squadron (FS), 393rd FS and 394th FS was one such unit. Known as the "The Dynamite Gang", 367th Fighter Group pilots flew 14,175 combat sorties in P-38's and P-47's during WWII, destroying 432 enemy aircraft. Read full history.

What's in a name?

Possibly no other Air National Guard has a nickname as well known as the "Happy Hooligans," but where did this nickname come from? Read full story.

Proud Moments

Happy Hooligans have a proud record of accomplishments over the years. Among the many unit awards, the Hughes Trophy and the USAF Daedalian Maintenance Trophy are special standouts, presented on the basis of an Air Force wide competition to the single most deserving unit. Read full story.

Aircraft of the Past

  C-21 2007-2013
(C-21 Info

F-16 1990-2007
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  F-4 1977-1990
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  F-101 1969-1977
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  F-102 1966-1969
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  F-89 1960-1966
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  F-94 1954-1960
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  P-51 1947-1954
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ANG: A Short Story

The Air National Guard as we know it today -- a separate reserve component of the United States Air Force -- was a product of the politics of postwar planning and interservice rivalry during World War II. The men who planned and maneuvered for an independent postwar Air Force during World War II didn't place much faith in the reserves, especially the state-dominated National Guard.

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