North Dakota Air National Guard Gets New Building

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  • 119th Wing
The North Dakota Air National Guard’s 119th Wing officially opened the doors to a new building dedicated to the 119th Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance Group’s (ISRG) mission during a ribbon cutting ceremony Friday at the Air National Guard base.

Construction began in July 2016 on the $7.3 million, 19,000-square-foot building that was recently completed. It will provide a modern consolidated work environment for the 119th Wing’s new targeting mission.

Sen. John Hoeven, Rep. Kevin Cramer, Maj. Gen. Al Dohrmann, North Dakota adjutant general, and 119th Wing leadership participated in the ribbon cutting ceremony.

“The Happy Hooligans are leaders in UAS and counter UAS, cyberwarfare and intelligence operations on a global scale,” said Gov. Doug Burgum. “This facility will enable this specialized unit to continue to be on the cutting edge of military operations in support of our national security mission. We are grateful to everyone who played a role bringing this project to fruition, and grateful to all of our military families for their service and sacrifice.”

“The 119th has a tremendous record of service, and it is fitting that they would be tasked with a mission so important to our nation’s security,” Hoeven said. “The new facility was a much-needed investment to ensure our Air Guard members can continue excelling in their work. It provides the capability to keep critical information secure as our military conducts both kinetic and non-kinetic warfare.”

The 119th ISRG has spent the last three years filling its ranks with Airmen and getting those personnel to the specific training needed for these specialized missions.

“Acquiring this mission has been filled with challenges, opportunities, risks and rewards,” said Dohrmann. “I am appreciative of all of the Hooligans who helped the ISRG successfully reach their recruiting and training milestones and accomplish the goals that have enabled the unit to be mission ready. The ISRG wartime mission is accomplished in-garrison, meaning our Airman can be placed on active duty but can contribute to the fight while serving from home station at our base in Fargo.”

Targeting is the process of selecting and prioritizing potential Department of Defense targets and matching the appropriate response to them, considering operational requirements and capabilities.
The targeting process identifies, selects, and exploits critical vulnerabilities of target systems and their associated targets to achieve the commanders’ objectives and desired end state.

“The men and women of the 119th ISR Group have done an outstanding job standing up this mission over the past three years while spread out across the base,” said Col. Darrin Anderson, the 119th
ISRG commander. “We have the only ISR Group in the Air National Guard that will blend kinetic and non-kinetic targeting expertise to meet the needs of our customers. Now that we will all be under one roof, our team and capabilities will be even stronger.”

“Following the events of 9/11, the appetite for high fidelity target analysis and actionable intelligence production proved insatiable,” said Col. Brit Hatley, commander of the 119th Wing. “Realizing this, the U.S. Air Force looked to the Air National Guard to provide a deep reservoir of targeting expertise and the 119th ISRG, in conjunction with Air National Guard partners, are at the forefront of this endeavor. The Hooligans of the 119th ISRG are engaged in every combatant command, doing so at home and abroad. This cutting edge, purpose built facility is a fitting home for our intelligence professionals and will only serve to strengthen an already sterling reputation.”

The missions of the 119th Wing are extremely relevant and enduring components of the National Military Strategy. The Happy Hooligans are proud of their more than 70 years of service to our communities, state, and nation.