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  • 09-064 Flood Feature: Guard Soldiers, Airmen Patrol Fargo's Dike Lines Around the Clock

    Sgt. 1st Class Steve L. Groth gets the troops started each day. Living on very little sleep, Groth doles out the risk assessments and situational reports for the past 24-hours to National Guard dike patrollers, who will spend the next 12 to 16 hours watching the flooding Red River for leaks and other hazards. It's a big job for any noncommissioned
  • 09-063 Flood Feature: Supporting One Another - Shriners Supporting Guardsmen as Soldiers and Airmen Protect the City from Flooding

    Shriners here have temporarily shifted their focus from helping children to helping Soldiers. They're doing so by providing refreshments and dry shelter for citizen-Soldiers and citizen-Airmen, who have been activated to help fight a massive flood. The North Dakota National Guard recently has been focused on making sure the dike system in the Fargo
  • 09-062 Flood Feature: N.D. Guard Uses Giant Sandbags to Stem Breach in Dike System at Oak Grove School

    The North Dakota National Guard and city officials called on big time air support Sunday to stem the tide of a major breach in the this city's flood protection system. A UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter from the North Dakota National Guard carried massive reinforced plastic bags of sand and clay dirt - one-ton sandbags - to the site of Fargo's Oak Grove
  • 09-060 Flood Feature: ‘Morale' Support on the Frontlines

    Chaplain (Maj.) Leo Moenkedick is a welcome sight for Soldiers and Airmen working the frontlines of the flood battle here. Popularly known simply as "Father Leo," Moenkedick (Menk-a-dick) is a frequent visitor to the FargoDome, a central filling point for sandbags destined for the dike lines, to lend moral support to citizen-Soldiers and
  • North Dakota Air National Guard Assists Flood Fight

    Since March 19th, the Happy Hooligans of the North Dakota Air National Guard made major contributions to the flood fight as Airmen raised their hand to volunteer for flood duty in the Red River Valley. "Despite our already high operations tempo in ongoing combat deployments and our numerous missions taking place 24/7 -- which include air base and