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  • FLOOD NEWS: Guardsmen Brave Elements During 12-Hour Dike Patrol Shifts

    North Dakota National Guardsmen throughout potential flood areas are braving the cold weather to walk along the dikes in 12-hour shifts, on guard against potential breaches in them, as a part the ongoing flood prevention mission.Staff Sgt. Elise Peterson and Staff Sgt. Jarrett Permann, of the 119th Wing, North Dakota Air National Guard, were
  • Guardsmen to Fill, Practice Lifts of 1.5-Ton Sandbags

    For the first time in the 2010 flood fight, Guardsmen will be working with extra-large sandbags. Tomorrow morning North Dakota National Guard members will be filling the giant, 1.5-ton (3,000 pound) sandbags with a cement truck loaded with sand. Once about 50 bags are filled, the crew will use forklifts to hoist the bags to ensure the straps will
  • FLOOD NEWS: Guardsmen Volunteer to Help a Deployed Soldier's Family

    "I've been deployed before. I know what it's like to worry about back home."With those words, Sgt. 1st Class Larry Jacobson, of Fargo, and his crew of seven set to work. They've been here in Lisbon since yesterday to provide five traffic control points to facilitate the steady truck movement needed to build a dike against the quickly rising
  • FLOOD NEWS: Small Crew of Soldiers Keeps Traffic Moving as Lisbon Prepares for Flooding

    It's nonstop hauling in Lisbon this week as dump trucks bump through town with load after load of mud and clay. The city is quickly building a dike to hold back the rising Sheyenne River. As of today, it was at 14.53 feet with flood stage listed at 15 feet and a crest expected around 17.5 feet in a few days, according to the National Weather
  • FLOOD NEWS: Guardsmen Install Flood Barrier Never Before Used in Fargo

    North Dakota Air National Guard members became the first to install a new tool in the flood fight today when they placed a section of AquaFence in Fargo. The city has never used the product before, so the effort served as a demonstration of the ease with which it can be installed. As the Red River creeps toward its crest of 37 to 39 feet this