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  • Pay Information

    Major Components of Military pay and allowancesBase PayBasic Allowance for Housing (BAH) (Previously known as BAQ)Basic Allowance for Subsistence (BAS-Food)Base PayRegular payments of basic pay and allowances for members on active duty for 30 days or longer are made twice each month (15th and 1st). Rate of pay based on grade and years of service.
  • Pilot for a Day Program History

    The original "Pilot for a Day" program began in December of 1994, organized by Captain Rory "Ox" Blackburn at Randolph AFB, Texas after visiting his wife at a local hospital. He noticed children who had to deal with chronic or even fatal illnesses. The concept has since spread to several bases across the country. The program focuses on children who
  • Pilot for a Day Program Information

    Who is eligible?Any child who has a serious or chronic condition that has robbed them of some of the joy of their childhood.How can I refer a child?If you would like to refer a child for the "Pilot for a Day" program, please call (701) 451-2525The ItineraryThe child and accompanying family members are invited to tour as many of the wing and base
  • Pilot for a Day Supporters

    Thank you to the following businesses for making this very special experience possible: Bobcat Democratic-NPL State Party Meritcare Children's Hospital Krispy Kreme Horace Lions Pizza Hut
  • Prior Service Requirements

    PROCEDURES FOR ENLISTMENT IN THE AIR NATIONAL GUARD (PRIOR SERVICE) *There is no obligation until the day of enlistment when the Oath is taken* 1. Call the North Dakota Air National Guard Recruiting Office at 1-800-972-8825 or (701) 451-2238 to schedule an appointment for an initial interview. 2. To be eligible: - You must be able to complete 20
  • Public Affairs Career Field

    The Public Affairs Career Field encompasses the total spectrum of the Air Forces human communication activities.The functions are designed to facilitate communication flow between the Air Force and the general public, as well as active duty Air Force members, Reserve components, civilian employees, and dependents.Public Affairs personnel are
  • Public Health Career Field

    1. Specialty Summary. Manages and performs public health activities and programs. Included are food safety and security inspection; sanitation; medical entomology programs; vector borne, communicable, and occupational disease prevention and control; public health medical readiness activities; and promoting and providing health education and
  • Public Speakers

    The 119th Wing Public Affairs Office maintains a speakers bureau for visits by selected military members to area events and meetings. To arrange for a speaker from the 119th Wing, contact Capt. Penny Ripperger, 119th Wing Public Affairs Officer via phone: 701-451-2195 or email: Penny.Ripperger@ndfarg.ang.af.mil.