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  • Medical/Health Services Management Career Field

    The Medical Career Field encompasses functions involved in operating both fixed and tactical medical facilities and subprofessionally caring for and treating authorized personnel. This career field includes aeromedical activities, aerospace physiology, specialized medical services including ophthalmology, otorhinolaryngology, orthopedics, urology,
  • Military One Source

    Military One Source is a website that empowers our military community by providing service members, family members, service providers, and command a convenient place to get policies, procedures, timely articles, cutting-edge social media tools, and support. View the website at:  www.militaryonesource.mil The local Military One Source contact
  • Mission Support Flight Career Field

    The Mission Support Career Field includes functions and activities of personnel, military equal opportunity, education and training, and manpower. Personnel functions encompass classifying, assigning, promoting, base reenlisting and separating military personnel; MilPDS management; controlling, administering, and interpreting personnel tests used
  • Munitions Career Field

    1. Specialty Summary. Performs and manages munitions production and materiel tasks and activities. Identifies munitions and equipment requirements. Operates and maintains automated data processing equipment (ADPE) to perform munitions accounting, computations, and research. Stores, maintains, assembles, issues, and delivers assembled nonnuclear