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  • Fallen Heroes - a humbling experience while deployed

    By Capt. Grant Larson I have to share with all of you what I did today at 1610 or 4:10 pm my time.  I have been fortunate to experience many things during my military career that civilians will never get to experience, and sometimes not appreciate. My experience today was humbling, sobering, and one I will never forget.  While many people cry and
  • Family Pre-Deployment Checklists

    Pre-Deployment Checklist1. Have you discussed your feelings on the deployment and your spouse's return?2. Have the children been included in discussions on where you are going, when you are coming home, why you are leaving?3. Have you reached an agreement on frequency of letter writing/phone calls?4. Do you have current family snap shots ?5. Have
  • Finance Career Field

    The Financial Career Field involves: receiving, disbursing, and accounting for public funds; appropriation and expense, cost, working capital, and real property accounting, including reporting and analyzing costs of programs and operations; formulating, executing, and analyzing financial programs; and examining and verifying all Air Force financial
  • Fire Muster Competition

    By Tech.Sgt. Jodi RenschlerSrA Mandy Hermann, SSgt Mandi Hagen and I (119th WG Services Flight) particpated in the Fire Muster competition.  The Fire Muster competition consists of five tasks: 1.) We were laying down on a cot like we were sleeping and then they blew the whistle to resemble getting out of bed for a fire drill. We had to hop up and
  • Fuels Career Field

    The Fuels Career Field encompasses operating, maintaining and managing petroleum fuel systems and activities including the entire spectrum of requisitioning, accounting, receiving, storing, dispensing, and testing of aviation and ground fuels, cryogenics, missile propellants and alternative fuels such as compressed natural gas. Mobile refueling