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Family Pre-Deployment Checklists

Pre-Deployment Checklist
1. Have you discussed your feelings on the deployment and your spouse's return?
2. Have the children been included in discussions on where you are going, when you are coming home, why you are leaving?
3. Have you reached an agreement on frequency of letter writing/phone calls?
4. Do you have current family snap shots ?
5. Have you recorded your children's favorite bedtime stories/songs on cassettes?
6. Do both the deploying member and remaining parent or guardian understand what the Family Readiness Support Service Center, Family Readiness Group, Air Force Aid Society, American Red Cross, Chaplain etc. can do for you and how to contact them?

1. Has the home been given a security check?
2. Do all window locks work?
3. Do the windows open or are they painted shut?
4. Do all door locks work properly?
5. Do you have keys for all doors or combinations for all padlocks?
6. Does the smoke alarms function and do you know how to test them?
7. Are all emergency numbers posted where they can easily be referred too?
8. Is there an appropriate message on the answering machine? (Having a male voice sometimes discourages crank phone calls)
9. Do you need to change your phone number to an unlisted number? (If so, make sure member's unit has this new number in case of emergencies)

1. Do you know and understand how to use the medical facilities, TRICARE, TRICARE Prime, and TRICARE Standard?
2. Do you know who your children's pediatrician is and what his/her phone number is?
3. Do you know your children's dentist/orthodontist and their schedule?

1. Have you determined who will pay the bills?
2. Do you have a spending plan?
3. Do you both understand the spending plan?
4. Does your spending plan consider the following?

Automobile Maintenance
Loan Payments
Long Distance Phone Calls
Travel (Leave)

5. Has an allotment been established?
6. Will the allotment be in effect in time?
7. Is there a "backup" plan if the allotment is late?
8. Have you established two checking accounts?
9. Have you decided upon a procedure for income taxes?

1. Do you know spouse's social security number?
2. Have you provided for Power of Attorney?
3. Do you have current wills?
4. Have guardians for the children been named in the will?
5. Does everyone who qualifies have a government identification (ID) card?
6. Will any ID cards need renewing?
7. If ID needs renewing, has Form DD 1172 been completed?
8. Is military member's record of emergency data on record and current?

Household Maintenance
1. Do you know who to call if something breaks?
2. Do you know how to operate the furnace?
3. Does the furnace have clean filters?
4. Does the furnace need periodic supplies of oil/gas?
5. Is the hot water heater operating properly?
6. Any pipes or faucets leaking?
7. Toilets operate correctly?
8. All drains operate correctly?
9. Are the following appliances operating correctly?
Clothes Washer
Clothes Dryer
Air Conditioner
10. Does everyone know where the fuse box is?
11. Are the switches of the fuse box labeled?
12. Are there extra fuses?
13. Is there adequate outside lighting?
14. Is there a list of repair persons?
15. Are there tools in the house?
16. Is the lawn mower tuned?
17. Is there an adequate amount of firewood?

Personal matters checklist (I have):
Completed the Personal Information Checklist
Discussed Communication during mobilization
Contacted my family center of family support group
Prepared a Family Care Plan
Obtained ID cards for each family member
Completed the Emergency Information Worksheet
Learned how benefits will change during mobilization.

Legal Matters - I Have:

Created and/or updated my will
Designated a power of attorney
Completed my estate planning
Designated legal guardians for children.
Completed the Personal and Family Documents Worksheet
Safely stored important documents.
Completed the Property Worksheet.
Completed the Record of Emergency Data (also called page 2)

Financial Matters - I Have:
Discussed financial matters with loved ones.
Established needed allotments
Developed a budget
Selected life insurance
Selected health insurance
Learned about medical and dental care.
Enrolled my family in DEERS
Arranged for paying bills/taxes

Practical Matters - I Have:

Put security measures in place
Check smoke detectors and replaced batteries, as needed
Made sure appliances are in good repair.
Made sure automobile(s) are in good repair.
Provided a current list of people to contact for household repairs.
Made arrangements for household repair.
Made arrangements for moving, if necessary.
Made a list of health-care providers