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Pay Information

Major Components of Military pay and allowances
Base Pay
Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) (Previously known as BAQ)
Basic Allowance for Subsistence (BAS-Food)

Base Pay
Regular payments of basic pay and allowances for members on active duty for 30 days or longer are made twice each month (15th and 1st). Rate of pay based on grade and years of service. Deductions include normal income tax withholding and Social Security (FICA) taxes. Direct deposit is mandatory.

Imminent Danger Pay (IDP)
Members performing duty in any designated IDP location entitled to $150 per month. Members who qualify at any time of the month receive the full IDP regardless of the period of time on active duty. We cannot tell you if IDP applies to classified locations.

Hardship Duty Pay location
Persons serving in designated HDP-L locations receive from $50 - $150 monthly depending on location. Accrues after 30 consecutive days for TDY members at a designated location (initial 30 days paid retroactively). We cannot tell you if HDP-L applies to classified locations.

Combat Zone Tax Exclusion
Only two locations currently designated as Combat Zones (Arabian Peninsula, Kosovo Area of Operations) All enlisted military compensation earned in a month during which ANY time is served in a CZ is excluded from federal (and state) income tax withholding. For officers the amount of military compensation eligible for CZTE is limited to $5,043.60 per month.

Family Separation Allowance
Payable to members with dependents and military couples regardless of dependency status who are separated for more than 30 consecutive days at the rate of $250 per month. Only one member of a military couple can draw FSA at a time. Payment is made to the member whose order caused the separation (senior member if both depart same day)

Uniformed Services Thrift Savings Plan
Any military member may now participate in UNISERV Thrift Savings Plan.
If ordered to active duty for more than 30 consecutive days, TSP election permitted outside open season within 60 days of date ordered to AD.
See www.tsp.gov for more information.

Privacy Act of 1974
Military records including pay and travel records are protected under the Privacy Act of 1974. FM must have written permission from the member before they can release most pay information to anyone, including the spouse. Power of Attorney (PoA) is the way to provide that permission. Can be General PoA or Specific PoA, but must specifically grant access to military pay documents. Telephone inquiries about a specific individuals pay cannot be answered. General questions such as the rate of pay for a particular rank can be answered by phone or in person without a PoA. If you do not have a PoA but bring us an LES we will try to answer any questions specifically about the information on the LES, but cannot look at any other records to provide answers.

E/MSS On-Line Finance
Employee/Member Self Service on-line pay inquiry system.
Requires SSAN and PIN for access.
Spouse must share members pin number if member desires to grant spouse access.
Can change W-4, direct deposit and LES delivery information.
Major Components of Military pay and allowances

To check on BAS/BAH and other entitlements