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Aerospace Maintenance Career Field

1. Specialty Summary. Manages maintenance and staff activities engaged in maintenance planning, inspecting, repairing, and servicing aircraft, helicopters, and aerospace equipment. Related DoD Occupational Subgroup: 160000.

2. Duties and Responsibilities: 

2.1. Plans and organizes aircraft maintenance activities. Plans, organizes, and manages maintenance planning, inspection, and repair activities for aircraft, helicopters, and support equipment (SE). Analyzes reports and maintenance plans. Coordinates with supply, operations, and other support activities to improve procedures and resolve problems. 

2.2. Directs aircraft maintenance activities. Evaluates processes used to inspect, maintain, repair, and service aircraft, helicopters, and SE. Directs operation and modification of standard operating procedures for maintenance personnel. Directs repair of aircraft, helicopters, associated systems, and SE. Prioritizes maintenance and repair functions. Supervises preparation of records and forms for aircraft and helicopter maintenance. 

2.3. Inspects and evaluates aircraft maintenance activities. Evaluates maintenance units to determine operational status, and to provide assistance in solving maintenance, supply, and personnel problems. Interprets inspection findings, and recommends corrective action. 

2.4. Performs aircraft maintenance management functions. Resolves problems and interprets publications on inspecting, maintaining, and modifying aircraft, helicopters, and SE. Ensures submission of deficiency reports. Ensures funds and resources are projected to support the maintenance effort, and are managed to optimize mission accomplishment.

3. Specialty Qualifications: 

3.1. Knowledge. Knowledge is mandatory of: electrical and mechanical principles applying to aircraft and helicopter systems and related SE; interpreting and applying wiring diagrams and schematics relating to electrical or mechanical systems; concepts and application of maintenance directives; maintenance data reporting; interpreting and using maintenance data reports and technical orders; Air Force supply procedures; resource management; and proper handling, use, and disposal of hazardous waste and materials. 

3.2. Education. Not used. 

3.3. Training. Not used. 

3.4. Experience. For award of AFSC 2A590, qualification in and possession of AFSC 2A471, 2A472, 2A473, 2A571, 2A572, or 2A573A/B/C is mandatory. Also, experience is mandatory managing or directing functions such as inspecting or maintaining aircraft, helicopters, or avionics systems. 

3.5. Other. Not used.

For information regarding opportunities in the Aerospace Maintenance career field in the N.D. Air National Guard, please contact a recruiter at 1-800-972-8825.