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I - Looking Ahead in May.

Wed, May 7 - Fargo-Moorhead area retired Hooligans' monthly breakfast,
8:00 a.m. at the Northtown Grill (I-29 &12th Ave N - Fargo).

II - The Past Month in Review.

Apr 2nd. Inspiring, fascinating, humorous, and CHALLENGING might describe Colonel Mike Wobbema's overview of experiences while stationed in Iraq and participating in the rebuilding of the Iraqi Air Force. The large turnout of retirees enjoyed the presentation, followed by a stimulating Q & A session.

Kermit Bratholt, Ray Riedman, and Harold Skauge, were given a Happy Hooligan Retiree cap, courtesy of the Auger Inn, Brad Johnson, manager. Kermit, Ray, and Harold each were first time "attendees" at the monthly breakfast.

Apr 9th. WSO Reunion. An exceptional attendance, WSOs, pilots, regular guys, and even some ROs toured the newly remodeled Operations Building, returning to the Auger Inn for pizza, refreshments, and socializing.

Apr 19thh. Detroit Lakes. Another outstanding social event and breakfast, with close to 40 Hooligans in attendance.

Apr 25th. Auger Inn Fish Feed. With winter weather warnings in effect, a very enthusiastic crowd showed up for the Fish Feed. Prize winners within the retiree community included Duane Fontaine (repeat winner), Lowell Jordahl, TLar (repeat winner), J. C. Tietgens (repeat winner), and Dean Tvedt.

III - This 'N That.

*WW II Honor Flight. The final WW II Honor Flight departed Fargo on Friday, May 2nd with a respectable lineup of military guys and gals braving the wind and rain, saluting the aircraft as it taxied by. Retirees who participated in this honorable event included Christi Barke, Larry Harrington, DeLyle Ishaug, Harold Kjelvik, and Tom Polkinghorn.

Special thanks to Capt. Penny Ripperger for keeping the retirees "in the loop" and to CMSgt Jim Gibson and MSgt Teresa Terry for assisting and coordinating with the retirees for this occasion.

*Air Force Web Site for Retirees. The Air Force has a new web site just for the retiree community that's full of news and information, plus it's easy to access and navigate. It's located at: www.retirees.af.mil.

Visitors at this web site can access the sections by using the top navigation bar on the home page. The home page also features the latest Air Force headline news and video clips. There's even a special icon for quick access to the Combat-Related Special Compensation information page.

Subscribing to the electronic version of The Afterburner and AFRNS is now much easier, just click on the word "Subscribe" found on the top navigation bar; find "Afterburner/AFRNS" near the top of the second column and click in the circle to subscribe; enter the required email address; then click on the "submit" button.

*2008 Military Retiree Appreciation Day. Saturday, May 17th, Military Retiree Appreciation Day will be celebrated at Grand Forks AFB. A few of the events scheduled are:

0730: Welcome gathering at the J. R. Rockers Northern Lights Club (NLC), including a Continental Breakfast provided by AFA, AFSA, and Top 3.

0830: Honor Guard - Posting of Colors at the NLC.

1100: Lunch at the Airey Dining Facility.

Note: this information was extracted from the Spring/April 2008 edition of the USAF Retiree Quarterly Newsletter.

IV- On the Horizon.

June 5th & 6th - Welcome Home American Hero. The Fargo VA Medical Center is hosting a welcome home celebration honoring Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) and Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) veterans and service members. The celebration is a program designed to provide outreach services to OEF/OIF veterans and active duty service members and their families. Valuable information, education and support opportunities will be offered. Additional information will be forwarded as this event draws near.

Sep 5th , 6th , 7th - North Dakota Nat'l Guard Retirees' Annual Reunion at Camp Grafton, Devils Lake, ND.

Oct 24th - Auger Inn Beef-A-Lo Feed.

V - The Other Side of the Field.

*The Fargo Air Museum. A B-17 will arrive in Fargo on June 20th. It will be on display and offer rides for four fifty . . . that's $450.00. It will depart on June 23rd. Additional information will follow as the date approaches.

*Hector Field Base Exchange.

Articles and items on display include grills, mowers, weed eaters, and gardening accessories, Check out the cameras, shavers, and numerous gift cards - excellent graduation gifts! You'll also find camping and grilling supplies, sleeping bags, charcoal lighters, and lanterns.

Remember,too, auto tires (Bridgetown, Firestone and Goodyear).

Take notice that beginning May 1st, 2008, the Military Star Charge Card will become a Military Star/Mastercard. A new application is required.

Base Exchange hours are: 10:00 a. m. - 5:00 p. m. (Monday thru Friday);
10:00 a. m. - 4:00 p. m. (UTA weekends). May UTAs are the 3rd & 4th of the month.

Note: The Base Exchange is open on "off", or down, Mondays. As the main gate is closed, as you approach and stop at the entrance, security personnel will ask for proper identification and then allow entrance to the base.

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