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Fallen Heroes - a humbling experience while deployed

By Capt. Grant Larson

I have to share with all of you what I did today at 1610 or 4:10 pm my time.  I have been fortunate to experience many things during my military career that civilians will never get to experience, and sometimes not appreciate. 

My experience today was humbling, sobering, and one I will never forget.  While many people cry and obsess over Michael Jackson's death, although tragic, they tend to lose sight of the real men and woman who are true American Heroes.

Today, as I stood on board of a C-17 aircraft in front of three caskets which were covered only by a US flag it was hard to comprehend. As we bowed our heads to pray for the lives of the three marines that gave their lives for our freedom, it was one of the most powerful and humbling experiences of my adult life. After the prayer we silently moved to the outside of the aircraft and made a line on each side of the jet that led up to three white vans. As the honor guard carried them off, one at a time, we stood at attention saluting them one at a time until they were each in the van and departed the ramp.

The base that I am at is the main staging area where they transport the fallen to prepare them for transportation to the US. It puts it all into perspective and makes me proud that I am able to help fight the war each day which directly impacts our troops that are involved in combat. 

Please keep them all in your thoughts and prayers.